Northern Winds

Meltemia in the Aegean Sea (wikipedia)

“Meltemia” are relatively strong northern winds, that occur during summer season in the Aegean Sea. Our boat tours with “Zefiros” are not affected by “meltemia”, since they are held in the southern part of the island of Milos. This area is even characterised by the local port authority as “protected area” from northern winds!

This means that a substantial traditional wooden boat like “Zefiros”, can travel not only safely, but stable as well, even in rough seas!

When sailing at these conditions, the sea is almost flat with no waves, that can not cause nausea.

Last but not least, “Kleftiko” is a natural bay, that is totally protected from “meltemia”. So you can enjoy your swim with no concern to high winds!

  • In case of adverse weather the trip plan is subjected to change according to the captain’s judgement, aiming for a safe and pleasant trip.